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I am a BL / GL fic writer and an amateur artist. Welcome to my thirsty NSFW art blog 😊 I love HisoGon - an M/M pairing + I'm currently on a kink sketch challenge...so you know what that means...lots of yaoi!

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Posted by UnexpectedxD - December 9th, 2018

7127715_154439111563_176bTRANSPARENT.pngHi there! My name is Cherry and I love drawing women, bishies and anime boys...:3 I'm a writer and practising artist. Due to my past preoccupation with working and school, I don't have much training in my art hobby but my ultimate goal is to keep drawing so that I can get good enough to draw my characters the way I see them in my head while writing. I want to illustrate my fics...that would be a dream come true!

I really really love art and writing, and although these hobbies of mine make me cry bloody tears at times with the frustration of not being able to produce things the way I imagine them, I know that this is all part of the experience and I love it too much to give up! xD

I'm mostly an introvert, but when I was in uni enjoyed doing some acting and after that, this turned into me doing a bit of unofficial VA for a few stories I read. I love poetry too and have written a few.

All in all, I am a very emotional person and I believe that this shows in everything that I do. Maybe that's why I like being involved in creative things so much - because that's the only way to express myself and all the emotion inside of me.

Apart from that, I'm a nature loving tomboy who loves manga, anime, games, art, writing, languages, sewing, cooking, reading webtoons, watching Korean Dramas and dancing. Yeah. That's about it for me lol.

So hello to you reading this! It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance and I thank you for deciding to stop by my page. The links to my other sites are to the left and if you like you can check me out in other places too. Have a great day ^////^

P.S.: If you're one of my fans who found me and you're reading this, thanks for joining me here Ily!



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Hey cherrie welcome to the NG ^^ it seems another writer has joined the group here the second one i have seen new here (i am a writer and artist myself so i notice it soon) anyway i would love to see you post your stories here as well. it seems really intressting but most of all i am happy you joined NG and i really hope you enjoy it here.

Thank you for the warm welcome, I'm liking it here so far!! Your art is really nice and I'm quite motivated to learn that you're a writer and artist too! Oh my, maybe I'll post some writing when I'm all settled in but it can be so embarrassing to do so in a new place ha xD Where do writers here post their stuff? Under "Blog"?

Thanks again for reaching out to me!! Have a great evening :3

@NyanaCreation @UnexpectedxD no need to thank me ^^ but yah we just do it under blog or i atleast do it that way. i don't nesescarly use it for blogging :p but no problem and i hope even though can be emberrassing you enjoy posting stories here ^^

@NyanaCreation Thanks for telling me about that! The community seems welcoming so far, so who knows?? Maybe I will use this to post some stuff ^///^

P.S.: I'm happy to have joined here too! It feels great *hugs* I'm sure that I'll enjoy it T_T <3